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LED Track Ligting Guide

Track lighting is a type of lighting system where light fixtures are attached to a track that is mounted on the ceiling or wall. Its typically contains electrical conductors that supply power to the light fixtures, which can be positioned and adjusted along the track to direct light where it is needed. Track lighting is commonly used in homes, offices, and commercial spaces such as art galleries and retail stores to provide flexible and adjustable lighting options.

What are the LED track lighting used for?

LED track lighting is commonly used for various lighting applications, including:

  1. Accent lighting: To highlight artwork, sculptures, or other decorative features in a room.
  2. Task lighting: Edeal for task lighting, such as in a kitchen or office space.
  3. Retail lighting: Popular in retail spaces to highlight displays and merchandise.
  4. Gallery lighting: It provides a high-quality and adjustable light source.
  5. Exhibition lighting: It can highlight displays and artifacts.
  6. Hospitality lighting: To create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  7. General lighting

Customizable Track Lighting
for Art Galleries and Retail Stores

If you are a lighting designer or contractor, you may handle a wide range of projects with different requirements. Sinolumi offers a diverse selection of standard tracking lighting fixtures for our customers, and we also specialize in providing custom-manufactured lights for specific lighting needs.

Share your requirements with us, Our team will bring your ideas to reality. At Sinolumi, we are committed to meeting your unique requirement. Contact us Now!

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Main Parts of LED Track Lighting


Adapter is a component that allows different types of track lighting fixtures to be used on a track system. It typically consists of a small metal or plastic piece


Adapter is a component that allows different types of track lighting fixtures to be used on a track system. It typically consists of a small metal or plastic piece

Light fixtures

LED track lighting fixtures are designed to be modular and easily interchangeable, allowing for flexibility in the lighting design. The fixtures may come in different sizes, shapes, and styles to suit different applications and aesthetics.

Adjustable features

Many LED track lighting fixtures have adjustable features, such as swiveling heads or adjustable lenses, that allow the direction and intensity of the light to be changed as needed.


Reflectors are used to help direct the light and can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the lighting. They may come in different materials and shapes to suit different applications.


Optional accessories such as connectors, end caps, and mounting hardware are available to help create a complete and professional-looking installation.

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Safety standards

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Graphic design for logo and label of packagin. OEM based on customer requirements.

Mould Design

Mold design according to customer requirements


Has the capacity to scale up its production quickly to meet increasing demand
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