Top 10 Lighting Brand Across the World

How many well-known lighting brands in the industry do you know? As a lighting professional, can you quickly name them? Today, we bring you a collection of the top 10 world-renowned lighting brands in the industry. Their brands are…


  • Location: Italy
  • Year founded: 1960
  • Main product: High-end designer lighting
  • Other products: Architectural lighting, outdoor lighting solutions
  • 2022 revenue: revenue: $203.7 Million

Artemide, an Italian brand of imported furniture, was founded in 1960. It blends Italy’s constantly innovative design style with respect for tradition and has become a well-known international lighting technology manufacturer, occupying an important position in the European lighting industry. Many of Artemide’s products have also won world-class design awards in Germany, France, Italy, and other countries, including the highest design award in the European industry, the “GOLDEN COMPASS” award, as well as the “Red Dot Design Award”.

The inspiration for this light comes from the Death Star of the Empire in Star Wars, with repeated individual modules combined to form a spherical lamp, creating a very cool and striking design.


  • Location: Italy
  • Year founded: 1962
  • Main product: Contemporary lighting fixtures
  • Other products: Furniture, accessories
  • 2022 evenue: $159.1 Million

FLOS is a high-end Italian lighting brand founded in 1962. It was the first “modern” company in the lighting industry and has been referred to as “aristocratic style” by many experts in the field. Its classic streamlined design and simple yet noble aesthetics have stood the test of time, making FLOS a leading player in lighting design worldwide. FLOS is derived from the Latin word for “flower” because, in its early days, each lamp produced using the plastic spraying technique was named after a flower, hence the name FLOS.

The Dandelion lamp, designed in 1988, features a natural and elegant form that has been transformed into a cool and futuristic design through high-tech evolution. It is a very classic lamp.

Louis Poulsen

  • Location: Denmark
  • Year founded: 1874
  • Main product: Architectural and designer lighting
  • Other products: Outdoor lighting fixtures
  • 2022 Revenue: $131.2 Million

Louis Poulsen has a long and ancient history in Denmark, dating back to 1874. For Louis Poulsen, innovation is its soul, and high-end manufacturing is its constant pursuit. The PH Artichoke pendant lamp designed by Louis Poulsen is affectionately known as the “Artichoke Lamp”.

Since its first release in 1958, the “Artichoke Lamp” immediately captured the love of people worldwide who value lifestyle taste, and has become one of the most iconic lamps in the brand’s product line. | Image source: online.


  • Location: Spain
  • Year founded: 1987
  • The number of employees: 130
  • Main product: Designer lighting solutions
  • Other products: Wall art, mirrors, home accessories
  • 2022 revenue: $24.5 Million

Vibia is a leading lighting company based in Barcelona, Spain, and is a global family-owned business. The company’s visually refined modern lighting designs reflect their passion for creativity, innovation, and high performance. With a growing reputation for excellence in technology, and collaborations with an increasing number of international interior designers, architects, and artists, Vibia has earned a highly acclaimed position in the modern lighting design industry.

VIBIA’s mission is to create lighting solutions that meet the needs of different environments. In the design process, lighting becomes a horizontal element, integrated into the architecture, interior design, and use of space. | Image source: Internet.


  • Location: Italy
  • Year founded: 1981
  • Main product: Designer lighting fixtures
  • Other products: Decorative lamps, outdoor lighting solutions
  • 2022 revenue: $24.2 Million

Foscarini is an Italian lighting brand founded in Venice in 1981. At the beginning, the brand focused on applying traditional mouth-blown glass techniques to modern lighting designs, using exquisite handmade glass art to express the form and beauty of light and shadow in their lamps. This laid the foundation for the brand’s high-quality and stable reputation. With over 20 years of brand history, Foscarini has developed into a diverse range of materials and many classic modern lighting masterpieces.

“Binic” is the name of a small lighthouse on the Brittany coast, which is the hometown of the designer Ionna Vautrin. This served as the inspiration for a unique and personal table lamp design. The lamp features a circular glossy surface supported by a conical base, projecting a strong and uniform spotlight downwards. | Image source: Internet.
The Mite floor lamp won the 2001 Golden Compass Award in Italy. The Mite lighting series is the result of Foscarini’s research in the field of materials: it is a new form of a unique blend between light and matter. The technology behind the project is the same as that used in the manufacture of golf clubs, and the flat shape projects the spotlight onto a lampshade made of a special glass fiber fabric, which is made of yellow Kevlar® or black carbon fiber thread. | Image source: Internet.


  • Location: Italy
  • Year founded: 1978
  • Main product: Innovative lighting solutions
  • Other products: Ceiling fans, outdoor lighting fixtures
  • 2022 revenue: revenue: $20.8 Million

Luceplan, an Italian lighting brand established in 1978 by a group of young architects who graduated from the same university, has gained recognition in less than 20 years. Its METROPOLI lamp won the Compasso d’oro award in 1994, which propelled Luceplan’s products into the world of high-end architecture. Luceplan has since won multiple Compasso d’oro awards, solidifying its position as a premium lighting brand in the industry.

The design challenge of Amisol was to create a suspended lamp that occupies a large physical space, yet has a small volume and can be directed within a space. A semi-transparent white film or metal mirror film is stretched inside a circular aluminum profile, like a solar sail, and a powerful light source projects a beam of light onto a large, light disc that scatters and reflects the light. Two main components are connected by thin rods, and the rotation of the disc can be set at any angle by changing the length and connection points of the two support lines. | Image source from the internet.
This lamp has a strong visual impact with a lightweight, almost transparent structure composed of a flexible cable network with LED light sources at the intersection points. The complexity of the lamp’s construction is hidden and a unique and authentic space is created by designing only with light. The specific structure allows for particular freedom in managing brightness, allowing control of the intensity of light and choosing which sectors of the lamp to illuminate. The lamp is made of steel structure and polycarbonate lenses. | Image source from the internet.


  • Location: Netherlands
  • Year founded: 2001
  • Main product: Creative and unique lighting designs
  • Other products: Furniture, home accessories
  • 2022 revenue: $16 Million

The famous Dutch design brand Moooi gets its name from the Dutch word for “beautiful” (mooi), with an extra “o” added to signify an extra dose of beauty. Founded by star designer Marcel Wanders, Moooi specializes in lighting and home design and aims to bring designers’ wild imaginations to life through production.

In Moooi’s designs, people are always the core element. The designers strive to create an artistic atmosphere beyond functionality, and each product perfectly showcases the personality, taste, preferences, and emotions of people. | Image source: Internet.

Fontana Arte

  • Location: Italy
  • Year founded: 1932
  • Main product: Designer lighting fixtures
  • Other products: Mirrors, furniture, home accessories
  • 2022 revenue: revenue: $14.8 Million

Fontana Arte is one of the oldest design brands in Italy, founded by architect Gio Ponti in 1932 as the artistic design department of Luigi Fontana’s glass manufacturing company. Luigi Fontana was already a leading player in the glass industry at the time. While working with glass, Ponti realized that using it extensively in interior and lighting design would become a trend. Based on this intuition, Ponti designed and manufactured furniture, lighting fixtures, and other products using glass, which became a distinctive feature of FontanaArte.

Giova, a half vase and half lamp, marked Gae Aulenti’s first appearance in the field of lighting design. Available in two sizes, it serves as both a lamp and a night light sculpture. The design features a transparent bowl resting on a metal base, containing a white milk glass sphere that houses the light source.
The Equator with its glass cover is a modern reinterpretation of a classic luminaire. In this series of lamps, shadows are intertwined and contradictory. Light emanates from two luminous disks placed inside a central metal band, evoking associations with the equator through the combination of shadows. Due to the layered arrangement of the internal screens, the light produced by the LEDs is evenly distributed on the surface of the disks. The lower disk guides the light output downward, while the upper disk illuminates the “glass cap,” producing a soft diffused light.


  • Location: Czech Republic
  • Year founded: 2006
  • Main product: Handmade designer lighting fixtures
  • Other products: Glassware, furniture
  • 2022 revenue: $13.6 Million

The high-quality lighting technology of the Czech brand Brokis represents a perfect combination of carefully curated designs by Czech glass masters, impeccable quality, and exceptional skills. The Brokis product portfolio includes modern, functional lighting and decorative objects, as well as unique lighting solutions for architects and interior designers.

The company combines traditional hand-blown glass with other refined materials such as wood and handcrafted metals, creating bold lighting compositions that push the boundaries of contemporary design. | Image source: Internet.

Ingo Maurer

  • Location: Germany
  • Year founded: 1966
  • Main product: Innovative lighting designs
  • Other products: Furniture, home accessories
  • 2022 revenue: $7.9 Million

Since the mid-1960s, Ingo Maurer has been designing and manufacturing innovative system lighting and decorative items that are sold worldwide. With the convenience of its own factory, Ingo Maurer never compromises on quality and dreams. Founder Ingo Maurer launched his first designed lamp “Bulb” in 1966, and has since designed more than 120 works, breaking people’s inherent definitions of lighting time and time again, and being hailed as “the poet of light.”

Adding wings to lighting fixtures, full of hopeful spirit. | Image source: Internet.

In conclusion, these 10 world-renowned lighting brands have left an indelible mark on the lighting industry with their innovative designs, exceptional quality, and commitment to excellence. From classic and traditional to modern and cutting-edge, these brands continue to inspire and set the bar high for the future of lighting design. Whether you’re a professional in the industry or simply a lover of beautiful lighting, these brands are definitely worth knowing and exploring.

As a LED lighting brand, SINOLUMI learns from these predecessors and is inspired by their growth. We believe that one day we will also be able to establish ourselves as a well-known brand in the industry and create innovative and high-quality lighting products for our customers. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of LED technology and design, and to contributing to the development of the global lighting industry.

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