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Quality Control
Sinolumi has a complete quality control and guarantee management system. We know that we are only as good as our products and services. With that in mind, we have used the most stringent standards and lowest variable tolerance requirements allowed to develop an exhaustive quality control protocol.

Why we could control quality?
“Quality first” is the work ethic of every staff of Sinolumi, which comes through all procedures. We operate completely under the guidance of ISO9001:2008 quality management systems.
1)  Our quality control procedure begins at the design and component specification stage.
New products are designed based on extensive market research and quality assessment & verification by lighting experts.
2)  All raw materials are CE&ROHS compliant. To ensure optimum performance, our LED lights are manufactured using original Cree, Citizen, Edison and Epistar LEDs and Rubycon capacitors from Japan.
3)  We have over 15 well trained quality inspectors conduct stringent tests at every stage of production, including incoming material inspection to finished products inspection.
4)  We have various advanced testing equipments to facility our quality inspection,  including spectrum meters, integrating sphere, viewing angle testers, temperature cycling testers, thermal shock testers, electric leakage test,vibration test machine and luminance Meter.
5)  In addition to conducting at least 24hours burn in test, we run full inspections on our items prior to delivery for your peace of mind.
6)  We obtained safety certificates(CE、CCC、EMC、SAS, etc) for most of our products.

Course of Action:
1)  Well-trained IQC staffs to check raw material according to strict requirement.
2)  QC staffs check semi-products so as to find and correct problems in time in every working procedure.
3)  QC staffs ensure quality of the finished products & package and test lamps with a series experiments, such as burn in test, optical/electrical parameter verification.
4)  We contact our clients on a regular basis to check whether any problems after sales.
5)  From regular check, we built up a detailed failure log that has allowed us to identify the cause of any issues and feed the information back to the factory for further product improvement.

Our quality goal:
IQC pass rate: ≥ 96.00%,
First testing pass rate: ≥ 99.00%,
FQA pass rate: ≥ 98.5.00%,
Customer satisfaction: ≥ 98.50%

LED T8 Tubes aging test LED spotlights aging test

LED T8 Tubes under aging test


LED Spotlights under aging test


LED panel lights aging test LED panel downlight aging test

LED Panel Lights under aging test


LED Panel Downlight under aging test