Slim LED Downlight
125mm 11W led downlight
  • 125mm 11W led downlight
  • slim led downlight
  • ultra slim led down light
Key Features
√   Adopted imported LED as light source
√   Simple and elegant apperance
√   No glare, soft and tender light
√   Lifespan up to 50,000hrs
√   High CRI, high lumen output
√   Round and square shape available
Part Numbers
SL-RDL110E08W(Round) SL-SDL110E08W(Square)
SL-RDL110E11W (Round) SL-SDL110E11W(Square)
SL-RDL125E11W (Round) SL-SDL125E11W(Square)
SL-RDL140E11W (Round) SL-SDL140E11W(Square)
SL-RDL140E15W (Round) SL-SDL140E15W(Square)
SL-RDL160E15W (Round) SL-SDL160E15W(Square)
SL-RDL180E18W (Round) SL-SDL180E18W(Square)
SL-RDL230E23W (Round) SL-SDL230E23W(Square)
Approved CE, ROHS
Warranty 2 years View more...
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Sinolumi Slim LED Downlight is a ultra slim, beautiful design, recessed mounted LED downlight for basic white general illumination. Easy to install, dimmable fixture uses standard mounting and direct line voltage connection without need for remote transformers. Ideally suited for Shopping mall, Residential, Hotel, Restaurant, Office and Public Buildings.

Adopted imported LED as light source
High quality LEDs, High performance products

High lumens output up to 2135lm for 23W version
Outputs up to 2135lumens, easily meeting recommended illuminance targets for the full range of downlighting applications. Offers a high CRI of over 85 across all color temperatures.

Energy Star standard design

As  ENERGY STAR Standard Design, Sinolumi LED Downlight  uses 80% less energy and can last over 40 times longer than incandescent lighting.

Muliple color temperature from 2700K to 7000K for your selected

2700K and 3000Kversions are appropriate for intimate, open environments such as restaurants, hotel lobbies, and homes, while the 3500 K and 4000 K versions are perfect for lighting clean and efficient spaces such as offices, classrooms, and hospitals.

Easy to Installation

Low-profile fixture is ideal for recessed  mounting and semi-recessed applications. 

Dimmable function
Offers smooth dimming capability with selected commercially available triac dimmers.
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