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Conjoined T5 LED Tubes
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Key Features
√   Super bright, >100lm/w for clear tube, >85lm/w for frosted tube.
√   Safer design with isolated constant current driver, PF>0.95
√   With similar lumen output as comparable T8 tubes but up to 50% thinner.
Part Numbers
SL-T5B600N08WA4      ► SL-T5B900N15WA4
SL-T5B1200N18WA4    ► SL-T5B600B08WA4
SL-T5B900B15WA4      ► SL-T5B1200B18WA4
Approved CE,ROHS,Design for UL standards
Warranty 2 years View more...
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Sinolumi Conjoined T5 LED Tubes are the new LED lighting solution which has integrated all light components including LED, PCB, driver, PC tube and lamp bracket in one light fixture. They are available in standard length and color temperature. The unique built-in thermal management system has greatly improved the efficiency of heat dissipation and prolonged the lifespan of the T5 tube lights. With all-in-one integrated design, it also greatly simplifies the installation process.

With high quality SMD using 10*23 mil wafer from Epistar, our T5 LED tubes could reach high lumen efficacy. (typical 85~100LM/W)

They are using high thermal conductivity aluminum housing connect closely with aluminum PCB plate, which could ensure the heat could dissipate out fast. No heat buildup inside.

With special designed loop circuit, one LED fail won’t affect the whole T5 LED tube fail.

With isolated constant current driver, it could protect T5 tubes from short-circuit, lightning, over-current, over-voltage, high temperature. No stroboscopic light. No pollution to power grid. The driver is equipped with high temperature resistant, isolated and fire-resistant PC tube, which could ensure high safety.

Scientific packaging with paper cylinder for single tube. It is more elegant in appearance, much firmer and could protect tubes from any damage during long-distance transportation.
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