G23 LED Plug Lights
GX23/G23 2pin led plug light offer significant energy savings, great light output and a wide variety of shapes and sizes.The G23/GX23 LED Plug lights are used in recessed and surface mounted downlight fixtures. Our led plug lights provide a comfortable and relaxing enviroment. This G23 led lamp can replace type of PL lamp with 2pin models. You can replace the 26W CFL or 60W incandescent in fixtures such as wall Sconces, Recessed Fixtures, Rectangular Floods, Step Lights, Cove lighting, and many more. 
Our PL LED lamps are availabe in both 120 and 277 volatages base on our customers' requirement. These GX23 LED Plug light come in 5 watt, 8 watt, 11 watt, and 13 watt configurations. Precise 75CRI color temperatures include 3000K , 4000K and 6000K.
  • 8W gx23 led plug light
  • Sinolumi G23 LED lights is used to replace normal G23 fluorescent tube lights. G23/GX23 LED plug light, fits to universal socket base and can replace CFLs downlights.
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