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Payment terms are within Sinolumi's sole discretion, and unless otherwise agreed by sinolumi, payment must be made at the time of purchase.
TT payment(30% upon order, the balance before shipment), Western union are preferred; Some other prearranged payment methods including L/C, Paypal ( and credit card payments are acceptable too.

TT(Telegraphic Transfer) is the least expensive way to pay for your order; by far the vast majority of orders are paid by TT. Please put invoice number on payment form for easy tracking.
Our bank takes around 1 to 10days to receive payment from the different regions worldwide. The selected currency is US dollar. Customers please fill in the money transfer application forms exactly with the banking information we provide, especially the account number and the beneficiary name. Even with minor difference on spelling name of the beneficiary or account number, the money will be rejected by the bank.
Please find below TT payment instruction.
Account Name: Sinolumi LED Limited.
Account Number: 228-317871-883
Bank Name: Hang Seng Bank Limited
Bank Address: 83 Des Voeux Road Central, HK
Bank Phone: +852-2198-6919

Western Union
Western Union transfer: This is the fastest way to transfer money. We can receive money in several minutes if customers wire the money successfully. It's also the easiest way of transfer & receiving money. Please let us know the money control numbers, sender's full name and the exact amount you send once you wire the money.

PayPal and Credit Card
PayPal and Credit Cards are easy, quick and safe ways to pay for samples or any other small amount orders.
Our PayPal Account is:
Please click here to log in your PayPal account.

L/C (Letter of Credit)
L/C transaction is conventional and safe, but the process is expensive and it usually takes longer time to complete. We take L/C payment only for orders in the amount of over US$100,000