LED road lighting energy conservation at the same time should be more humane

Recently, Zhuhai City, announced a major energy-saving projects, before the end of 2013, more than 90,000 streetlights in Zhuhai City all transformed for the LED lights, and at the same time plans to build more than 7800 LED street lamps. Learn more about led downlight

LED lighting applications are of good quality with high scientific and technological content, low resources consumption, little environmental pollution from home lighting to extend the road lighting. Replace traditional street lights with LED lights, and do so not only Zhuhai City, in many places, including Suzhou, Changde, Chongqing, are underway in this regard a useful attempt.

Behind the impetus comes from the huge energy saving potential of LED road lighting. Held in the middle of this year, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (“Rio +20″ Summit), an independent global climate organizations (The Climate Group) released test results show, LED road lighting can save up to 85% of energy. The data show that while the city life 70% of the world’s energy consumption, and 15% of energy consumption from lighting the road.

In addition to saving features of the LED lighting, road lighting intelligent control, energy-saving potential of LED road lighting will further release. This reporter has learned, Sinolumi Lighting in this respect innovative research to go in the forefront, its design Starsense & City Touch the city lights control platform, all light sources through wireless smart connect the central platform, which can these light sources conduct remote control, then according to a single light source to adjust the flow of people, traffic and weather changes in the actual situation. “These intelligent lighting system that can help us to detect pedestrians and vehicles on the road, if not, can the lights dim or turn off.” Said Sinolumi Group Research Institute senior vice president, Asia chief technology officer Dr. He Dana . Learn more about t8 led tube light

LED street lighting market potential is gradually released. According to statistics, in 2011, the domestic LED road lighting (including LED street and tunnel lights) output value of 35 billion yuan, the total output of 910,000. Street light output value of 2.9 billion yuan, the production of 680,000, the installed capacity of 530,000. LED tunnel light output value of 500 million yuan, and the production of 230,000, the installed capacity of 190,000. Market participants predict, LED street lamps in 2012 the output value is expected to account for 50% of the entire street market, the advance of urbanization will further stimulate the demand for LED street lighting.

Energy-efficient at the same time should also be more humane

Despite the energy-saving effect of LED street lighting has been recognized by the market, but also faced some criticism, including the lighting source is too bright, serious glare, the light is too intense glare. The end of 2011, the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine announced, road and street lighting quality passing rate was only 58.3%, LED road lighting overall quality of worrying.

To glare, for example, it will lead to eye fatigue, and produce discomfort. According to the researchers of the Sinolumi Lighting, glare Vision unfit brightness distribution, or extreme brightness contrast exists in space or time, causing visual discomfort and reduce the visibility of objects visual conditions. For example, when a bright spot in the dark field, the human eye is difficult to adapt and focus, will produce glare, which will lead to eye fatigue and discomfort.

With the gradual promotion of LED road lighting LED street lamp enterprises have begun to increasingly focus on standard applications with optical quality and visual comfort lighting demand factors more humane. How to overcome these shortcomings of LED lighting is particularly urgent. learn more about led ceiling light

Sinolumi Lighting research on how to overcome glare display, the color temperature of the light has a significant impact on people perceived degree of glare. People’s perception of the actual light output for the same, cause uncomfortable feeling of the low color temperature of the light (“warm white”) is less than a high color temperature of the light (“cool white”). One possible reason is that people of color temperature and light has its own preferences, and preferences in low light “warm white” (such as dawn, night and dusk), under high illumination preferences “cool white” (that is, the other day time ), a further reason may be that humanity has always regarded the “warm” color dusk / dawn linked to “cold” colors associated with daylight.

The Sinolumi research also found that other factors cause glare illumination reaching the eye. Most lamps both of light on the road, but also a portion of the light beams and the edge of the road. A seemingly reasonable approach is to limit the beam spread of the range, the light emitted by the lamps only illuminate the road surface. It is widely believed that doing so can reduce glare and reduce energy consumption. However, studies have shown that this “excess” sprinkling roadside and eyes light but very useful: to illuminate the surrounding part of the environment, but also improves the human eye to adapt to brightness, helps the driver to adapt more quickly in front conditions, the result will be to increase the driving comfort.

Low price can not be a long-term development of the LED business strategy

2013 is about gone, look back at this year, the development of the electronics industry, can be described as ill-fated, especially the development of the LED industry, It is very frightened, many enterprises in perpetuity like forward.

LED as a green industry first, the increasingly serious energy crisis and environmental crisis, the concept of energy saving much national policy support, especially at the beginning of the year, according to the Governments planning, high energy-consuming incandescent will be in the next decade to exit the stage of history, governments around the world are actively promoting energy-efficient lighting products. Developed countries incandescent disable exit timetable, according to the schedule of major countries will prohibit the use of incandescent between 2012-2013. learn more about rgb led wall washer

led energy effciency low carbon city

In addition, the country to support the development of semiconductor lighting industry, industry development plan mapped out three phases. Phase I: to 2009, more than 20 pilot cities, Application 1,000,000 municipal LED lighting. Second stage: in 2012, in the whole ofChina, completed 50 semiconductor lighting demonstration urban construction work, the application of two million LED municipal lighting. The third stage: in 2015, the chip localization rate of over 70% of white LED10 / thousand lumens, lamp 40/1000 lumens, replace incandescent, halogen and other inefficient lighting products, semiconductor lighting into 30% of the general lighting market. learn more about 2g11 led light

Good market prospects, leading to the “heroes” of the LED market, and energy-saving lamps and LED lights to compete for the battle of the lighting products market officially opened. Cost reasons, however, lead to the cost of the new LED lighting than traditional lighting products, higher prices relative to domestic consumers, foreign consumer prices higher affordability early LED enterprises market position in a foreign country market, statistics show that 80% of China LED companies rely on exports, affected by the recent market downturn in Europe and America as well as foreign clients continue to keep the prices down, and other factors affect the sharp decline in orders and profits of the domestic LED enterprises. LED domestic terminal application market is not fully open, constantly under attack in the domestic and international markets, many companies seem to bail out the most direct and effective means to quickly capture the market by low-cost.

But cheap grab City “this move is not wise Insiders pointed out that the LED is a typical labor-intensive manufacturing, even if many businesses do not understand the technology, but also can rely on the assembly of LED components in the market place. “Many enterprises are concentrated at the low end of the market, not quality LED products more and more weight, probably 90% of the enterprises are in the price war.”

The related reported that “efforts to enhance corporate profits” or reduce the price of increased competition situation will continue to be the main theme in the market “robust” development under the premise. Of competition in the market in 2013, the price war will continue in the homogenization of serious context, the market competition is more than just a simple competition between enterprises; competition in the industry, the ecological chain is also prominent. learn more about led downlight

For businesses, the most important at this time or good products, product quality and technology but the difference is still the core level, at the same time the rhythm of the life cycle of the product to keep up, because of the changes in the market soon, the product cycle to accelerate the pace.Enterprisethe benign operators must start from cost control and product differentiation. Only have competitive products in the market, in order to grasp the pricing, in order to ensure a reliable profit margins in order to achieve the enterprise industry chain development cycle. 

The essence of LED price war only for market not profit

To profit, or to market? In the haze of price war LED enterprise, it is indeed a dilemma. Low price is the market take the edge tool, but it means that the low profit, low income; If positioning high-end, high level, difficult to increase sales. learn more about COB led downlight
Use “first impressions are most lasting” concept of consumption, through the low price for the market, should be the means of market competition, not final goal. The implementation of the low price strategy, the enterprise’s technology, capital, scale, and other comprehensive strength are put forward higher request.
Therefore, make a price war is good financial strength of the enterprise, the small and medium-sized enterprise often just passive participation. For small and medium-sized enterprise speaking, survival to the current priority. Go through the low amount of square type, even if is “linger” survived industry winter, also not be starved to death. As long as in the industry, market cake always have a chance to eat.
At the same time, enterprises in take low in the market strategy, also need to have quick market response ability. In the face of price fast descending, technology changes with each new day industry present situation, and always keep technology and into this advantage is very key. In addition, entrepreneurs still need to have clear market competition consciousness, want to have more than “depreciate strategy” in the long run and wisdom development thinking.
At present, the enterprise through constant to reduce the price of a product to meet consumer demand, and seizes the market to establish a brand, this is not worth praise highly and reference. LED to the consumer value far beyond the traditional lighting, should not require its price must close to or less than traditional lighting. If only pay attention to the price, neglect to quality, reliability and after-sales service management, guide the consumer concept transformation, if domestic LED development is very adverse. learn more about g24 led lamp
someone said, “the LED is still in planned economy, not the market economy era. Enterprise need more consideration through differentiation road to open the market,  learn more about waterproof led strip light.rather than strategic vision stagnation into the price war “.

Excellent quality and reasonable price-the ultimate goal of LED development

Energy saving lamp no matter from stock up, or on the sales of the mainstream. LED products market is too chaos, the price is differ, quality levels not neat, as a distributor, flat led panel light we sometimes can’t distinguish which is better or worse. Moreover, manufacturers promise two years replacement, two years later, the manufacturer also is in is small, desultorily, it’s hard to say when it closed.

Customers into the store choose the majority of energy-saving lamps, although we also feel have LED to the trend of the product, but the process slowly, users need to have a from understanding to accept the conversion. Average consumer especially older consumers, may not have heard, led tube wholesaler LED energy-saving lamps is relatively more mass basis; In addition, good quality LED product price high and difficult to sales, so many shop is full of some cheap but no guarantee the quality of products, it also LED to negative impact on market construction; Moreover, the convenience of the Internet channel in a certain extent impact the entity shop business.

The LED market want to standard, we should be done in the following three tips. First of all, survival of the fittest source production enterprises, shut down a number of small manufacturer of checking the flood of defective goods, the quality of the products is guaranteed to have further development, Secondly, in the hope that the countries can publish corresponding standard, let dealers, consumer can be clear at a glance to identify the product quality; Finally,also do good quality and low price, average consumer can accept civilian price will make LED large scale application.

LED has the energy conversion efficiency, long life, light color is rich, compact volume, and many other advantages. LED light source and competitors fluorescent lamp, energy-saving lamp, compared to in addition to efficacy and life have the upper hand, and “green” is a big advantage. Due to the traditional light source such as fluorescent lamp containing mercury after use, if not safe recovery, will be on the environment caused by the huge pollution and destruction, it has become the biggest obstacle of the development of traditional light source.

China’s energy saving lamp safety to recovery is still not good enough, the safety regulations and recovery is not perfect enough or cannot implement; Plus recovery cost high and consumers to the lack of environmental protection consciousness, causing many residents use energy-saving light everywhere after throw phenomenon, to the surrounding environment caused great pollution.

LED products led recessed down light in the production process of the pollution produced almost negligible. And, the LED light source in the abandoned, not like other traditional light source to the surrounding environment as well as bring pollution, more will not harm to human health.

So, the country should vigorously promote the popularity of LED, give LED enterprise  more policy support, let environmental protection, green, energy-saving LED products into the common people of households, the real benefit of the people and benefit mankind.

LED lighting development should be people-oriented

Good design is  give full play to the advantages of the LED light source protection for LED control device. LED control have coupling type control device, equivalent safety very low voltage or isolation type control device, detached safety very low voltage control device , they are suitable for output voltage need not reach SELV occasions and lamps  lanterns additional anti shock protection more sufficient occasion; Installed in the lamps and lanterns or similar protective function in the shell, it is suitable for no lamps and lanterns additional protective occasions, if it has the suitable dust waterproof level, which can be directly installed in outdoor. ultra thin led panel light, t8 led tube light

In all kinds of artificial light source, LED the most suitable for dimming state work, its broad dynamic working range can realize zero to 100% of the dimmer. In addition, the LED is also the only all kinds of artificial light source with control circuit fit, and when the output power reduces,  but products rising efficacy. Through the dimmer light, LED in some areas  has the advantages of energy saving management and control.

For single string LED module, the constant current source drive or by adjusting the working current to achieve adjustable light is the most reliable method of first choice. However, if the constant voltage circuit, again plus cross flow circuit or use LED module of cross flow circuit, also can achieve the purpose of the work that LED stability. At this time, constant voltage circuit and applied cross flow circuit and the use of LED module of the constant current circuit should be as a LED control device.

LED control device of various performance indicators of the advantages and disadvantages, directly related to the LED lighting appliance overall efficiency and service life and other important function, but security index is to ensure that no users and the surrounding environment produce all sorts of harm a higher level standard requirements (mandatory requirement), LED control unit only in meet the safety requirements of the premise, only then has the significance to measure the performance of the quality.

We need to remember that lighting is a service, led down light people-oriented is a top priority. People-oriented efficient lighting, can satisfy people’s needs, not damage with eye health, in this premise, we can advocate efficient lighting. In addition, don’t always emphasize each tile lumen is high, the more should pay attention to the quality of the light. A good product need to fully consider the lighting requirements, including safety, performance, EMC, coupled with the first-class design, this is the perfect green lighting. One-sided, do not accord with human health and safety of lighting can be called a efficient lighting.